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About Us

Richmount Cordial, Elderflower cordial, elderberry cordial
Elderflower cordial, Elderberry cordial


Martina & David

Hello!  We are David and Martina Burns, a husband and wife team, living in Co. Longford, Ireland.  We are passionate about creating drinks that are not only deliciously flavourful but also made with the finest and freshest

natural ingredients.

Our range of drinks and cordials are the perfect way to experience the taste of summer and autumn all year round.

We invite you to join us on our journey and discover the unique taste of our drinks. Whether it’s a refreshing elderflower or a tangy elderberry, we have something

for everyone.



Richmount Cordial Co.

In January 2013, we took a leap of faith, planted 920 elder saplings and founded Richmount Cordial Company.

We now have over 2,000 elder trees planted, ensuring we have the freshest and highest quality ingredients

for our Elderflower and Elderberry drinks.

As we believe quality and sustainability go hand in hand,

all our trees are sustainably managed, without the use of pesticides or herbicides.

We are proud to offer non-alcoholic drinks that not only

are delicious and sustainable but also offer the

unique taste of the midlands region.

Richmount Cordial, Elderflower cordial, elderberry cordial, non alcoholic drinks
Richmount, Longford, Richmount cordial



Richmount is our home, and Richmount is our brand. Our house was built in 1720 by the Richardson family, on one of the highest points in county Longford, hence the name Rich / mount.  David is the third generation of the Burns' family to live here.

Richmount Cordial, elderberry
Richmount cpordial, elderflower, floral, drinks
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